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Grow in revelation to become a solution-carrier by 

Hearing God's Voice 


Next Mentorship Starts: 24th July - 8th September 2023

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The Heart Behind Spirit Life Prophetic Mentorship

Meet Kerry Stewart, Founder and Instructor for the Spirit Life Mentorship Program. Click the video below to play.

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Prophetic Mentorship 2023

The next course will be open for registration again in June 2023. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

About The Course

The Mentorship Program is designed to take 25 people through a 8-week journey of personal discipleship with the Holy Spirit. 

The intensive program will give you access to incredible resources, tools, and teaching from people who have walked in prophecy, inner healing and deliverance for many years.

You will step into a unique prophetic community and gain impactful connection with others along the way so that you can grow confident in hearing God's voice to bring the Kingdom of Jesus into everyday life.


Take a look at this FREE sample video that comes straight from the first week of our Mentorship course. We trust that this will tantalize your tastebuds!

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As a member of our Mentorship Program, you will have access to all exclusive teaching and notes within the platform as well as weekly discipleship sessions.


Not only will members be part of weekly discussions, webinars and connection, but we will give you access to some bonus teaching and resources. 


When you are a member of the Mentorship Program you will be part of a special community of people, Kerry and other trusted mentors and pastoral voices. 


When you join our 8 week mentorship program, you will be given access to our membership platform which contains everything you'll need for the journey.

Here are some of the things you'll be involved in on a weekly basis. Once you've joined, you will have lifetime access to the content:

  • Intentional connection with Kerry, some other leaders in the prophetic and your fellow attendees
  • Weekly teaching videos 
  • LIVE webinars weekly, on the relevant topics
  • Exciting activation exercises weekly, to build confidence in hearing God's voice 
  • Assignments and worksheets to aid your growth and to stimulate your thinking
  • Access to valuable resources 
  • Surprise guest speakers 
  • Connection with others in the prophetic mentorship community 
  • Dynamic sharpening, equipping and encouragement

"This class was so eye opening and enlightening. I was so blessed to have been a participant. Kerry's first-hand knowledge and experience in hearing the voice of God was so inspiring. "

Cynthia Shelby
California, USA

"This course was so eye opening for me. It has helped me affirm my identity in Christ and has given me practical tools to connect with God."

Julia Gane
Southern Suburbs, SA

"The one thing I felt is that God really loves me, He really really loves me. It was a head to heart revelation and so comforting to me. Thank you Kerry and team for such beautiful guidance in the Spirit. "

Jenn Rothon

"I have been walking with the Lord for many years but this course has awakened me to hear God speaking in new ways, which has been so exciting and refreshing."

Glenn Withey
Southern Suburbs, SA

"Everything has been life changing so far. This course has been so helpful and means so much. "

Course Attendee

"Kerry has been speaking into my life for the past few years. I cannot begin to explain the eternal significance of her love, equipping and grace for me as I've grown in the prophetic and in life. This mentorship program is truly built on love and the power of the Holy Spirit. I would highly recommend it 1000 times over, it will be life changing."

Kate Campbell
Melkbosstrand, SA

"Kerry has an amazing ability to understand God's voice and articulate what it is I'm thinking and hearing. She has helped walk me through some painful processes so that I can be completely set free. Her prophetic insights have helped guide me on the journey to stepping in to what God has destined for me. I highly recommend her as a mentor and a trusted friend."

Mimika Cooney
Charlotte, USA

"I absolutely loved every section. I enjoyed the exercises that allowed me to practise getting into the heart and presence of Jesus the most."

Course Attendee

"Everything - amazing. The dream section was very enjoyable. The course is life changing. "

Course Attendee

Prophetic Mentorship Pricing

Signing up for the mentorship program is an investment in your life, future and relationship with God. When we open intake again you will be able to choose your investment plan below to secure your spot.


This will be the last time we will be run Hearing God mentorship programs at this rate. 


The Mentorship Course For Cell Groups

If you are running a small group, life group, church group or you have a team of leaders who would benefit from hearing God's voice with clarity get in touch with us today by filling in the form. 


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