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Our self-study short courses are designed for those who are looking to grow with the Lord in specific topics relating to life in the prophetic and hearing God's voice.


Go through the self-study courses, and learn to hear God clearly.


Take our awesome resources apply them and grow.


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What Do I Get In The Short Courses? 

When you register for one of the self-study courses, here are some of the things you'll have access to: 

  • Teaching videos
  • Activation activities 
  • PDF worksheets
  • Bonus resources
  • Growth and confidence in hearing God's Voice
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A Sneak Peak Into The Self-Study Course

Take a look at this FREE sample video that comes straight from the Hearing God's Voice Foundations course.


"This class was so eye opening and enlightening. I was so blessed to have been a participant. Kerry's first-hand knowledge and experience in hearing the voice of God was so inspiring. "

Cynthia Shelby
California, USA

"The one thing I felt is that God really loves me, He really really loves me. It was a head to heart revelation and so comforting to me. Thank you Kerry and team for such beautiful guidance in the Spirit. "

Jenn Rothon
Southern Suburbs, SA

"I have been walking with the Lord for many years but this course has awakened me to hear God speaking in new ways, which has been so exciting and refreshing."

Glenn Withey
Southern Suburbs, SA

"Kerry has a dynamic and activating way of teaching lifestyle in the prophetic. She is an incredible example of what it is to really 'walk the walk.' These short courses are a great source of foundational content to either learn from scratch or get a refresh!"

Kate Campbell
Melkbosstrand, SA

"I absolutely loved every section. I enjoyed the exercises that allowed me to practise getting into the heart and presence of Jesus the most."

Course Attendee

Hearing Gods Voice - foundations

"Embark on a transformative journey with our course, designed to empower you with unwavering confidence in your ability to discern and heed the voice of the divine. Discover the clarity and assurance you seek as you learn to unmistakably recognize the guidance of God. Join us and unlock the profound connection that awaits when you truly hear His voice."


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