I am Back - where have I been?

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2023

Over the last year or so, you might have wondered what happened to Kerry. 

Yes, I have been very quiet… here’s why, a bit of my journey and what I have learned.

While running my last Hearing God’s Mentorship class, the home we were renting was sold, we were frantically trying to find a place to stay, and we were facing big decisions and so much change. I found myself having to step back into the working world - very scary! The fear and self-doubt were crippling at times. God was faithful and within a week of putting my CV out, I landed a part-time job, and a month later I had a second job.

The shift into the working world was very hard. Balancing mom, school, and the growing responsibilities at work I found myself losing sight of the things that fulfill me. The project I found myself working on was exciting and I was learning at a rapid rate. I know God was teaching me many things but it was still a hard season. However, the stress I was under was taking a...

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