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Overcoming Disqualification

26th June / 7pm (SAST)

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Jesus Qualifies you - its the enemy that Disqualifies

You have been called and fashioned beautifully by God, He has good plans for your life. Plans to give you hope and a future, He is faithful. It does not matter how we feel about ourselves,  He is always faithful.

Break the lies that have come at you.

The scheme of the enemy

So many people have been experiencing disqualification, myself included. Over the last year and a half I have found myself being disqualified as a mother, wife and in my work. 

One of the biggest disqualifications that I find myself in, is that I felt I couldn't hear God or doubt that I hear God.

Supernatural Power Of Jesus.  

I believe God is bring a supernatural breakthrough for many of His children to overcome the disqualification and rise in in their calling and new authority.


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Encounter Gods love and truth for you

Move into a place of freedom and victory


Step out of disqualification 

Corinthians 9:27


Walk away from doubt and fear

Isaiah 41:10


Silence confusion

1 Corinthians 14:33

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You are called to walk in freedom and joy!

You are qualified by the cross, join us to explore the freedom power of Jesus and how He qualifies you.